How-to use this Stack

This Stack requires Stacks 3
1. Drop in the Roadmap Stack firstly.
Stacks Image 1880
2. Drop in text, image, HTML or other kinds of Stacks into the "Drop stacks here" sections. The first one is the post body and the bottom one is the footer.

3. To change the post title and colours use the options as below.
Stacks Image 1884
4. To add more posts hit the blue "+" as below. The posts are labelled by numbers automatically as in the above image. To move the posts around in order just drag and drop them.
Stacks Image 1120
5. To change some overall settings click the whole Stack and they appear. These are things like overall colour and timeline direction.
Stacks Image 1136
This Stack requires Stacks 3

Some Tips:

** If you want to embed a Youtube and Vimeo video and make it responsive, wrap the embed code in a “videocontainer” div as below:
Stacks Image 1888