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The outside is premium grey leather (from a certain Japanese luxury car maker!) and inside is luxurious felt in the colour Moss Green. Pamper your iPad with a bit of luxury! Made from washable felt, you’ll find that this felt is resistant to abrasion and stronger (less likely to make fur-balls) than regular wool felt.


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1. Add the Simple Product Stack to the page. This makes the above red "Add to Cart" button.

2. Add text descriptions, images and other info to the Stacks page in the usual way to make a Stacks page with images and text. This means you can place the button anywhere and have great flexibility in making a one page shop or multiple detailed product pages across your site.

3. Configure the button to point to your "Server name" and "Username" of your Mal's Account.

4. Add Price, Product Name and the Return URL (this is to take users back to your shop if they "cancel" their cart)

5. Add optional settings like SKU Code, shipping, tax and quantities.

Discount coupons can be setup in your Mal's account and you'll need the SKU code field filled in here if you want to apply product specific discounts. Otherwise the discount is applied at the cart level.

Similarly, Shipping and Tax for the whole cart can be set in the Mal's Settings of your account, but this is if you want to override those at the product level for this particular product.

6. Configure the button settings such as colour and text. Add in any language you want but check with Mal's that the cart can support your language (32 languages supported presently).