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Can I setup my cart with PayPal?
Can I setup Cash on Delivery (CoD)?
Can I take credit cards and debit cards?
Can I use Google Checkout or Amazon Payments instead of PayPal?
Can I change the language of the cart and buttons?
Can I change the button colours?
Does this work in responsive Rapidweaver themes?
Is it Retina Display ready?
Can I use my currency?
Can I setup tax?
Can I setup shipping?
Can I hook into USPS, UPS, Fedex and Australia Post to do the shipping calculations?
Can I add as many products as I want?
Can I sell vouchers?
Can I send out coupon codes for discounts and offers?
Can I integrate MailChimp and my mailing list?
Can I add upselling add-ons such as other products or gift wrapping?
Can I collect custom data from customers at checkout?
Can I add an affiliate campaign to promote my products?
Can I add email notifications when a sale is made?
Can I send out emailed receipts to customers?
Can I customise the cart colours, text and add my logo?
Can I add a "message to seller" box for custom orders?
Can I change the information needed at checkout such as mailing address?
Can I add required fields to the cart?
Can easily add products that have variables such as different size and colour?
Can I add a "checkout" button to my site?
Can I add a "3 items in your cart" message to the top of my pages
Can I quickly change the product to Out of Stock from within RapidQeaver?
Can I add SKU codes to products?
Is the checkout secure?
Does the cart work across multiple product pages?
Can I make just a single shop page without detailed descriptions?
Can I layout the text & buttons anywhere I like in a Stacks page?
Can I use this without needing PHP?
Can I use this without adding any other scripts and applications to install?
Can I use this Stack with just a Free Mal's E-Commerce account?
Is this quick and easy to setup?
Can I use this to setup shops for clients?
Will I love this ecommerce Stack?

What can I do to get this going?

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