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1. Drop in the Unlock 2 Enabler to the page.

2. Drop in the Unlock 2 Stack to the page. As many as you need.
Drop in the content you want to lock for a share inside the Unlock 2 Stack.

3. Play with some settings.

Select from 6 styles and edit the locked text call to action with the header and description text. Give the Stack a unique name if you have more than one on the page. And select styles such as share counter on/off, layout horizontal or vertical and 3D flip on or off.

There is also an option to make the content appear underneath in translucent mode. You can adjust the intensity of this effect too. And lastly add the URL to be shared. Usually it is the page you are adding this too but of course you can request any URL to be shared in exchange for your secret thing.

4. Select the Share buttons you want to be used. Up to 7 are included and the user just needs to share with one of them to see your content.
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5. Add more specific settings here like the Tweet text and set the username for mentions and if Twitter Follow - the user to follow to get the content.

For Facebook you can set the language of the button: "en" for English, "de" for German, "ja" for Japanese etc. This uses the standard language codes: But also Facebook is the only one but you need to register an app with Facebook to make the Facebook share work. There's more info on this in the Stack download.

Happy Social Sharing and traffic building!!