• How-to with Topics Theme for RapidWeaver

1. Responsive Video

Get your embed code from YouTube or Vimeo. Then paste it into your project with a div class of "video-container” around it. This will make the video responsive on mobile devices.

In this demo RapidWeaver project file for an example of how I used a vimeo video to do this. Copy&paste that into your project and change the vimeo embed code to your own video.
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2. Headers

Choose from 5 header images, opacity and gradient overlays. If you want to use your own image then drop an image into the RapidWeaver Resources.

Then use the following CSS code in the page inspector > custom css pane:

header {
background: url(resources/header.jpg)
no-repeat center center!important;

Just make sure the images have the same filename.
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3. Extra Content

Topics has 4 extra content areas. To learn more about extra content, go here: http://foss.seydoggy.com/?p=ExtraContent
It's a free Stack and helps you extend your project in a cool and easy way.

There’s 3 extra content areas in the main body of the theme but also in the Header below the logo. This is a great place for a call to action, social media icons or key piece of information for your site.

4. Colours and other options

It should be straight forward to edit these from the themes options panel.
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5. If stuck....

If you get stuck and confused to make something like in my demo. Then, open my demo theme RapidWeaver project included in the download and copy and paste from there any of the above techniques or other things. Never start from scratch and save yourself some time.

If you're still stuck, please get in touch.

Happy Weaving!