This is a real sales page made for Kyo app on yuzoolapps
using Sprouting theme, Stripe Checkout and Memo stacks

Because tomorrow is just another today

Buy now for $9.99 for Mac OSX

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Stay in the moment and on your day. Perfect for brain dumps.


distraction-free fullscreen mode

write in your language

just type your thoughts

subtle menu for text styling

organise your todos and ideas by day

limited to 7 days + someday

Just wipe clean and start again. Keep things fresh and in the moment.

A demo to give it a test drive

This is an online demo of kyo

Ctrl + a in here and see how easy it is to add your own text.

Highlight some text and add some links and other fun things.

Just write.

Kyo is a place to organise your thoughts by day.

Make lists of things you have to do, notes for tomorrow's meeting, or daily routine of writing practise. Highlight text and add quotes, links, bold or italics. Write in full screen for a distraction free experience and when you've finished just wipe the slate clean. Start a fresh the next day and next week when this day comes around again. Live in the moment and in today.

After all, tomorrow is just another today.

Buy now for $9.99 for Mac OSX

Or, just keep in touch for now