1. Responsive Video

Get your embed code from youtube or vimeo. Then paste it into your project with a div class of "video" around it. This will make the video responsive on mobile devices.

See the "Kyo" page in this demo RapidWeaver project file for an example of how I used a vimeo video to do this. Copy&paste that into your project and change the vimeo embed code to your own video.
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2. Headers

Open the RapidWeaver Sprouting demo project and copy and paste the "header" snippet from the custom css into your own RapidWeaver project custom CSS panel. Edit the URL to point to your own image. You can set one of these on each page for a nice variation!
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3. Ecommerce

Sprouting theme is perfect for long sales pages and ecommerce selling.

To save time hand coding buttons and messing PayPal buttons, you will get faster results working with Cart, Stripe Checkout or Mal's Stacks - or your favourite other ecommerce stack.

For layouts like on the Store page, the View stack will help you quickly + easily set that up.

4. Rounded images

You can make these in your favourite image editor. Or if feeling adventurous and want to do it in code, open my demo and copy&paste the code from one of my images off the "tour" page into your project. Then edit the URL to your own image.
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5. Extra Content

Sprouting has an awesome 16 extra content areas. To learn more about extra content, go here: http://foss.seydoggy.com/?p=ExtraContent
It's a free Stack and helps you extend your project in a cool and easy way.

6. Colours and other options

It should be straight forward to edit these from the themes options panel.
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7. Header Calls to Action

Edit the Site Setup > Title and Slogan to put a link up in the top right corner. This is great for calls to action like "buy", "signup" or "login". To make these add an "a href" link to both (if you want two that is. Alternatively, have one link or none!).

To see how easy it is, open the Sprouting demo and copy and paste into your own project. From there edit the link to where you want to link out to, and also change the text to appear. The colours and some spacing can be amended in the styles panel.

Also, there's a theme style option to add more padding between the calls to action. This is because two one word calls to action require less padding than a three word combined with a one word cta. Have a play with this setting to align as you wish.
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8. Calls to Action in buttons

Of course you can use your favourite buttons Stacks, but there's also some easy buttons included.

Open the Sprouting demo and copy and paste a button example (like on the "Tour" page) into your project. Edit the link and text to what you had in mind, and also edit the colours in the theme styles panel.

That's it, you now have calls to action in the fixed header and now in the body of your project!
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9. If stuck....

If you get stuck and confused to make something like in my demo. Then, open my demo theme RapidWeaver project included in the download and copy and paste from there any of the above techniques or other things. Never start from scratch and save yourself some time.

If you're still stuck, please get in touch.

Happy Weaving!