All these things packed into this little cheeky number.

A dropbox to collect files from your clients when you freelance.

Drop in your own files here and try it out.

Collect videos, documents, photos and graphics from clients before freelancing for them. Email has its problems and DropBox isn't always the easiest thing to work out for some. Make a page like this easily and just email it to a client and ask them to drop their files to you.

Over 20+ file types recognised and previews included for images. Any rare file types, just get them to zip it up and drop it in.

Drop files here to upload.

Beautiful Google Web fonts and Font Awesome 3 Included





Make a Portfolio menu to browse your portfolio with Font Awesome 3.0 like this:

H1 Header

H2 Header

H3 Header

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4 Extra Content Areas and full control over buttons

Animations on page transitions (navigate to another page to see) and in the Portfolio snapshot

Full Screen Responsive Video and Images.

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