Quick Setup

1. Drop in the “Slide” stack into your page

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1. Add the images

2. Add links to images (optional), like: http://google.com

3. Configure more settings here such as slider transition speed, how many slides, slider effect, browser skin or normal, bullets + captions and if you need Retina images (optional)

Detailed Setup

2. Add the images

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There are two methods to add images to the Slide Stack: using RapidWeaver Resources or the Warehouse method.

1. This uses RapidWeaver Resources. Drag your images into the Resources pane on the left hand side then link to the images using resources/1.jpg making sure the “1.jpg” matches the filename in the resources section.

2. This is the Warehouse method. Just link to any image on the web directly. This is the cleanest, fastest and best method as you don’t have to worry about managing the images on your computer or in your RapidWeaver project and resources section. Upload files to your server somewhere and link to them directly. Any page or place you move the slide to and it will work without getting its knickers in a twist. Moving forward, I would recommend this method.

3. Retina Images, Captions and Titles

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1. Link to Retina HiDPI images as the normal resolution images. The slider will display the correct one automatically. I recommend creating images twice the resolution and labelling them “name@2x.jpg” etc

2. Add title and captions here (optional) for any slides that need it.