Register Stack How-to

To setup Register Stack we need to make two RapidWeaver Stacks pages:

1. Signup Page
2. Result Page

The users register on the Signup Page and get served some content on the Result Page, as a result of signing up. It's easy to setup and takes about 5 minutes following the guide below:

Signup Page Setup

Drop in the “Register Signup” stack into the page where you want people to signup.

Stacks Image 4235
1. Create the Salt for the registration. To do this simply change the variable key so it is completely random, this will ensure that your Register Stack is fully secure. So could be something like:

Then add the root directory of where your Register Stack will be in the URL field. In this demo on the front page where my Register Stack is, my URL would be (with no trailing "/").

If you put your register in a folder or sub-folder called "signup" then do something like ""

2. Add the info for the registration welcome email: subject, from email address and short message.

And also set the Result Page location, which you will create below. This is the "thank you" page or the page you want to take users to after they have registered. Put this page in the same directory as the Register Stack page and put the filename here minus the extension.

So my Register Result Stack page is called "thankyou.php" so I just put "thankyou" in here - and both pages are in the root directory. If they were in a sub-folder called "register" I would add the folder "register" to the RapidWeaver Folder field in General Settings of the Page Inspector for both pages.

3. Set the signup box styles here such as button colour, button text, shadows and other styles.

4. Double-click into the Stack and configure the "thank you message" that will be shown instantly after a user signs up and add a title here to appear above the register box. If you don't want to show anything, leave these blank. And of course you can configure any language in here.

Result Page Setup

Drop in the “Register Result” stack into your page you want people go to after they have signed up.

Stacks Image 4561
Firstly, make a new Stacks page and call it "thankyou" or "registered" as you wish, and add it to the same directory as the page above using Register Signup Stack. Then complete the setup of this result page:

1. These are the same as the Register Stack. So paste in the same Salt and URL here so that they match.

2. This is the confirmation email you will receive when someone registers. It's your notification. Put in the email, subject and any message. Then when you receive the email address you know somebody has accessed your tool or information or registered for your event. Then copy and paste their email address into your spreadsheet or email marketing tool list. Or just use this as a notification for you.

3. Add the content the user sees after signup. Drop in text, images, other Stacks as you wish. Could be a contact form RapidWeaver page to complete your signup process or services order, could be a free tool or white paper you are offering in return for a user's email address or could be a thank you message to confirm registration to your event.

The limit is in your imagination!

Happy Weaving!