How-to Pricing Stack

Even possible to do pricing boxes without any features like below.


For Small Businesses

$29 / year


For Agencies and Teams

$59 / year

Unlimited Sharing
Unlimited Texts
Unlimited Fun

Drop in the 2 Plan or 3 Plan Stack and then customise the text within the stack by clicking in the fields to change the text. Add BOLD or other styling as you wish.
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Then change any options needed as below:

1. Set the links for the buttons to your PayPal Services payment button links.

2. Or use your own buttons from any button stack. You can also here drop in Stripe Checkout Stack for example and bill for one time products or monthly subscriptions if you run a SaaS app or services business with recurring monthly payments.

3. Enable or disable the amount of features to display - up to 6 at a time.
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