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Flickr Gallery

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Step 1 - Drop in either the FlickrCMS1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Stack, depending on how many categories you want to display.

Step 2 - Get your Flickr API Key

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Step 3 - Get your set IDs - these are found in the URL for your set (the category)

Add up to 5 categories (set IDs), hide the categories, change the colours, change the default category (instead of "All") - the rest is done automatically. Anytime you update your Flickr feed, it will automatically appear here in your Flickr CMS gallery.

Lightbox Size

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Medium is the default lightbox size and the best setting for 99% of cases. It will give the best results across different browser sizes. Only select large if you are happy with the lightbox being larger than some browser widths (MacBook 13") and requires scrolling, and if you have the large size available on Flickr itself. Otherwise the Stack won't load correctly.

Check the photo sizes in Flickr below:
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Instagram Gallery

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Step 1 - Drop in the Instagram Stack

Step 2 - Add your User ID and Access Token.

Sign in to your or your client's Instagram account and then get your tokens from here. The User ID is the first 9 or so digits before the "." in the Access Token. So the image above for an example.

No need to authorize this app with Instagram anymore to see them. Copy & Paste them into the Stack.

Step 3 - Preview!