1. Drop in the Enlarge Stack.

2. Add your images to the Rapidweaver Resources. To keep it simple, add images which are all the same dimensions (size) and these source images should be the size you want the large (zoomed) image to be. The thumbnails will be made automatically.

After adding these, add the image filenames into the stack. Sometimes you have to add padding to the bottom of the stack depending on the height of the large / zoomed image. If the bottom is cut off then you'll need to do this.
Stacks Image 4
3. Amend any of the required Options in the Stack.
Stacks Image 8
Amend the "Large Width" and "Large Height" to the actual pixels of the images added in the Resources section. This will be the dimensions of the source / zoomed image. The rest of the options are optional.

Optional Items

Most of these should be self-explanatory. The "Thumb Width & Height" is for the auto generated thumbnail.

The "Large Distance" is the distance between the thumbnails and large / zoomed image.

The "Zoom Area Height & Width" is the dimension of the zoomed image frame.

Best thing to do is to amend, preview and play around until you get the layout you are looking for! Experiment and find your perfect settings.