Responsive, touch-friendly lightbox gallery Stack for Rapidweaver.

  • Unlimited images for each Box gallery

  • More than one Box gallery per page

  • Drag and drop in images or use Warehouse images

  • Fully responsive across all devices - even small ones:

  • (iOS, Android and Windows Phone compatible
    As well as desktop versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer)

  • Touch-friendly swipes

  • Keyboard left and right arrow keys to operate too

  • Changes size as viewport changes

  • Different lightbox styles for each image possible

  • Easily rearrange images in edit mode - even warehouse images.

  • Very lightweight and fast to load

  • Set optional bullets, overlay captions

  • Change colours of borders and set shadows

  • Auto image resizing

  • Preloads next image

  • Allows Retina images through Rapidweaver resources pane & Retinafy stack