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Easy to setup

1. Drop in the Audio Stack.
2. Add your music and link to it via RapidWeaver Resources or any audio file on the Internet.

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A little more detail

1. On a per track level, set whether the track is mp3, aac/mp4, ogg or wav. You can play audio tracks from your RapidWeaver resources or anywhere on the web and there's also support for live streaming.

2. Set whether the track can be easily downloaded or not. If true a link appears besides the track to download.

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More Player options

1. Choose between a light or dark theme

2. Set autoplay "on" or "off"

3. If "no", the controls such as shuffle and repeat will be hidden

4. This sets the playlist height. If the playlist height is higher than the value then it autoscrolls to adjust to show all items.

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