Easy to edit and style Google Maps

How-to Map Stack

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1. Drop in the Stack

2. Enable your free Google Maps API from your Google Account.
Go to: https://code.google.com/apis/console/ & click the "Services" panel on the left hand side. Scroll down until you find Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and switch it on (as below)!
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Copy and paste the API from the "credentials" page into the Stack:
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3. Set up the co-ordinates of the map location. You can use any location finder such as: http://www.gps-coordinates.net/
Put those into the Stack.

4. Change the styles of the map such as colours, points of interest and other things to fit in with your site and project style.

Publish and enjoy Map on your RapidWeaver sites!

Note - in preview mode the map may not show correctly so best to either preview in a browser, export to desktop or publish.